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Kai Reichert - Nagold, Germany

Kai is an independent consultant, support engineer and trainer located near Stuttgart, Germany. His main focus is on mid sized companies for which he is doing on-site and backline support, education and consulting. He frequently teaches various novell classes including Netware and ZENworks at official training centers. Kai is Master CNE and Master CNI.

Kai also supports companies that develop solutions for Novell products, helping them with various Novell related issues. He is also involved in database development projects from time to time.

His ‘first contact‘ with Novell was 1994 with NetWare 3.12. After finishing his aprenticship as a radio/tv technican in 1994 he became a software developer at the ‘Datis’ company for medical database and management software, focused on the cancer research area. In 1998 he changed to a mid-sized company and worked as a system administrator. He became an independent consultant in 2001. Kai has been a volunteer SysOp on Novell's technical support forums since 2001.

In 2006 Kai joined Novell as a System Engineer and moved to the Product Management Team in 2012. Kai was responsible for the GroupWise Mobility Service and iPrint product. He was also heavily involved with OES, Vibe and GroupWise product management. As a result of the merger with Microfocus he left Novell already in 2014 and worked as a product manager in various companies before he joined Accenture, a large consulting company, in 2016.