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John Stoecker - Nashville, TN

John passed away in 2013

John is a LAN Administrator for Kenworth of Tennessee, a truck reseller located at various locations throughout Tennessee. A Support Connection Volunteer Sysop since June, 2003, John has been working with Netware since 1989, when he first cracked the box open on Netware 3.11 for a custom hardware/software project for a major appliance manufacturer. Since then, he's worked with Netware 2.2, 4.x, 5.x, and 6, as well as Cisco routers, AS/400s, Windows of every flavor, and various distributions of Linux. If pressed, he will admit he still knows i386 and z80 assembler code, Basic, Fortran, Foxpro, and Turbo Pascal, but his current affectations are Perl and Delphi, when time permits.

When not spelunking the depths of the Windows registry for use with ZENworks, John has a number of other interests:

Providing premium entertainment services to his two cats Volunteering at the Tennessee Central Railway Museum. Railroad photography Reading good books