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Craig Johnson - Phoenix, Arizona, US

Craig Johnson is an independent consultant based out of Phoenix, Arizona. He has worked for many years in the IT industry, holding the position of Senior Systems Consultant for ENTEX IT Services for six years, before leaving to form Craig Johnson Consulting.

He has experience working with small clients (one server, 10 users), up to very large clients (400 servers, 30,000 users), with emphasis on internetworking, server migrations, design reviews, documentation, and troubleshooting.

Craig has particular skills with Novell BorderManager and ZENworks, and is the author of two electronic books on BorderManager, available from his website. He has been a speaker at Novell's BrainShare Conference, and has worked with Novell products since 1990.

Craig became a Novell Support Connection Volunteer (NSCV) SysOp in 1997, and currently can be found mainly in the Novell public forums, BorderManager sections. He holds the following technical certifications: Novell: MCNE, CNE 3.11, CNE 4, CNE IntranetWare, CNE5; Cisco: CCNA; IBM: PSE, Compaq: ASE.