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Allen Harris - NetWare, GroupWise

Allen was a Senior Systems Administrator for EDS in Plano, TX, specializing in remote client support of GroupWise and NetWare. Prior to EDS, he was Technical Architect for Cardiovascular Provider Resources in Dallas, Texas, and before that he worked as a senior consultant/system integrator for six years. Allen started his “NetWare” career as a test engineer at Novell (1985), where he helped develop NetWare 2.0 through NetWare 3.1. Allen has spoken at several NetWare User Conferences and has served on the Board of Directors for NetWare Users International. He has also spoken at Novell’s Developer Conference, at BrainShare, and at NetWorld, has served as a SysOp for the Novell Support Connection since 1990, and has been a CNE since the program’s inception. He has a degree in Operations Management from Brigham Young University.