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Thanks to Roel van Bueren who allowed me to copy the procedure from his site, Roel has a nice site where he gathered some interesting install doc's and other interesting info. Have a look at MSI Wisdom to see his articles.

Install Apple QuickTime Player

A number of security leaks, ("Apple QuickTime Player Remote Integer Overflow", "Apple QuickTime Player Remote Denial Of Service" and "Apple QuickTime PICT Remote Memory Overwrite" ), have been found in Apple Quicktime 7.0.x for Windows.

This is fixed in Apple QuickTime 7.03.50. Fortunately Apple uses Windows Installer technology since version 7 of QuickTime, so this article describes how to deploy QuickTime 7 by using Windows Installer and ZENworks.

1) Download "QuickTimeInstaller.exe" (version 7.03.50) and execute it.

2) Wait for the "Welcome to the QuickTime 7 Installer" screen to show.

3) Search your 'c:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME&\Local Settings\Temp\ directory for a file called "QuickTime.msi". When found, copy both QuickTime.msi and ISScript11.msi to e.g. c:\Install\QuickTime 703. (Tip! "Local Settings" is a hidden directory, "Show hidden files and folders" should be turned on in Windows Explorer). Then switch back to the "Welcome to the QuickTime 7 Installer" screen and click on 'Cancel'.

4) Start AdminStudion Tuner, create a response Transform file and then open it

5) Change the following properties:

 INSTALLDIR = c:\Program Files\QuickTime

and save the Transform file

6) Test this MSI and Transform file by using msiexec /i quicktime.msi TRANSFORMS=quicktime.mst /qb

7) If the testing was successfull create a ZENworks 'Install Only" application object and distribute it to your users. If ISScript11.msi hasn't been installed yet (or an older version like ISScript1050.msi), then also make an application object for ISScript11.msi and make the QuickTime.msi application dependent on the ISScript11.msi object.

N.B. After deploying QuickTime you will notice a QuickTime icon ("QuickTime Preferences") in the System Tray. You can configure QuickTime by using this icon. E.g. you can disable the Update feature (Update tab) as well as to remote the System Tray icon (Advanced Tab, Tray Icon). The changed configuration will then be stored in c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Apple Computer\QuickTime\QuickTime.qtp which can be added to the Transform file as well.