GroupWise Mobile Server Uncertified Devices Known to Work

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GroupWise Mobile Server: "Unsupported" Devices Known to Work

Novell and Intellisync have provided a list of officially supported devices. Are you running GroupWise Mobile Server on a device or platform not listed there? Is the specific mobile device you are looking for not shown on that list? Please join the GroupWise Cool Community and contribute to the unofficial platform and device support discussion. You can assist by generating and maintaining a list of devices that you have tested and know work on GroupWise Mobile Server in your environment.

Unofficial Platform and Device Support



Palm Treo 600, 650, 700p and 700w

Cingular 8125 (Windows Mobile 5)

The Motorola E815 is listed as a supported device, however all you can do is send text messages to it. I could have done that without the Mobile server.

HP iPAQ rx1950, h4100, h6340, hx4700, hx2490, hw6510d

HTC Harrier, Apache and Hymalaya

Nokia 5140i, E60(Symbian 9.1), 6680 (Symbian Ui60)

Nokia E61-1(Symbian 9.1) only with "S60V3" Software. Download at

Nokia E70-1(Symbian 9.1) only with "S60V3" Software.

Nokia N71 (Symbian 9.1) only with "S60V3" Software.

Orange SPV C600 (Windows Mobile 5)

Palm T|X (PalmOS5)

i-mate JAMin

Qtek 9100 (Windows Mobile 5), Qtek 8310 Smartphone

Sony Ericsson M600i (with SyncML OK, Client Install crashed because of Symbian UIQ3), w810i with SyncML

Sony Ericsson P990i not working with GMS

Dell Axim X5 w/PPC2002. Must Upgrade to PPC2003 A05 for it to work.

Dell Axim X3i If you leave this PPC in the cradle so the wifi doesn't disconnect, Network Push works.

Samsung i320 Smartphone. Actually works better than any other device -- officially supported or otherwise -- that I've tried it with. The Windows Smartphone version of Intellisync seems to be much better put together than the Windows Mobile version.

Sony Ericsson K700i syncs calendar, tasks and contacts with SyncML.

Nokia 5500 Sport in SyncML 1.1 mode syncs contacts but not calendar.

Nokia 6233 syncs contacts with SyncML but not calendar.

Sony Ericsson K610i syncs contacts and tasks with SyncML but not calendar.