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* Nokia E70-1(Symbian 9.1) only with "S60V3" Software.
* Nokia E70-1(Symbian 9.1) only with "S60V3" Software.
* Nokia E71 (tested with GMS 2.0.3 Linux)
* Nokia E71 (tested with GMS 2.0.3 Linux) (I have moved it to working, tested on both Linux & Windows 2.03, since Apr-26-2008 client installed via MicroSD card.)
* Nokia N71 (Symbian 9.1) only with "S60V3" Software.
* Nokia N71 (Symbian 9.1) only with "S60V3" Software.

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GroupWise Mobile Server: "Uncertified" Devices Known to Work

Novell and Intellisync have provided a list of GroupWise Mobile Server 2.0 Supported Devices and GroupWise Mobile Server 3.0 Supported Devices ( see also officially supported devices) If you are not running at least GroupWise Mobile Server 2, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to obtain the latest device support. GroupWise 3.0 is currently in public beta. Once it is released it is recommended that you upgrade to that version as well.

Community Feedback for Device Support

Are you running GroupWise Mobile Server on a device or platform not listed? Is the specific mobile device you are looking for not shown on this list? You can assist by generating and maintaining a list of devices that you have tested and know work on GroupWise Mobile Server 2 in your environment. Please login and edit this page to list your experiences. For technical support on GroupWise Mobile Server it is recommended that you visit the support newsgroup rather than leaving comments in the discussion portion of this wiki. For those devices which are completely unsupported, such as the Apple iPhone, please submit an enhancement request.

Official and Unofficial Platform and Device Support

Please note: Any "supported or certified" device or platform indicates that these will "work" with GroupWise Mobile Server. Various devices will have limitations as to what functions are available for GMS. Also, many devices will require additional data plan coverage, SMS coverage, Brew or SyncML clients provided by the carriers, etc. that may result in additional charges by the carriers. If you know of specific limitations for devices, please list them in the Almost Working section below.

Mobile Platforms

  • Nokia S40: 3rd edition*
  • Palm OS: 5.2 and higher*
  • Symbian S60: 2nd* & 3rd ed.*
  • Symbian S80: 2nd edition*
  • Symbian UIQ: 2* & 3*
  • Windows Mobile 2003*, 5.0*, 6.0*, 6.1*
  • BREW (requires client from Verizon Wireless for which there is a monthly subscription)*
  • J2ME Feature Phone* (only with GMS2, SP1)
 NOTE: J2ME does Not support Calendar sync



Please note - some of the "certified" devices need new firmware or device specific changes in order to work properly. Those are noted in the Almost Working section below.

  • Acer n300, n310
  • AudioVox XV6700*, SMT5600*
  • Cingular 8125*, 3125*, Blackjack, 8525, 8925/Tilt, Q9 Global
  • Dell Axim X5 w/PPC2002. Must Upgrade to PPC2003 A05 for it to work.
  • Dell Axim X3i If you leave this PPC in the cradle so the wifi doesn't disconnect, Network Push works.
  • Dopod D810
  • Dopod 838 Pro (HTC HERM 100)
  • HP iPAQ 2215*, 6315*, 6316*, h1940*, h4100, h6340, hw6510d, hw6915, hw6925, hx2490, hx4700, rw6815, rx1950, rz1710, Voice Messenger 514, iPAQ 914c
  • HTC Harrier, Apache, Hymalaya and Titan
  • HTC P3300, P3600, S100, S620, S710, P4350, TyTN, touch P3450 (Windows Mobile 6), PPC-6800 Mogul, TyTn II
  • i-mate JAMin
  • i-mate KJAM
  • i-mate JASJAR
  • i-mate JASJAM (Australia - Telstra NextG version)
  • LG KS20 (Windows Mobile 6 Prof.)
  • Motorola A1000*, M1000*, MPX220*, Q*, Q9H, Q9 Global
  • Nokia 3230*, 6300*, 6600*, 6620*, 6630*, 6680*, 6681*, 6682*, 7610*, 7610b*, 9300*, 9300i*, 9500*, E50*, E61* (use IP Passthrough to sync with cradle), E61i* (no cradle support), E62*, E65*, E71, N70*, N73*, N90*, N95*, N96*(With firmware 11.101 and above)
  • O2 XDA Orbit (Windows Mobile 6)
  • Orange SPV C600 (Windows Mobile 5) & C500 & M3100 (the .cab hung my 3100. Had to apply a factory reset)
  • Palm Treo 650*, 680*, 700p*, 700w*, 700v*, 750v*, 755p*, Centro, T|X , LifeDrive
  • Qtek S200 (Windows Mobile 5)
  • Qtek 9100 (Windows Mobile 5), Qtek 8310 Smartphone
  • Qtek 9600 (also called HTC TyTN or XPA v1605)
  • Samsung SCH-i600*, SCH-i730*, SCH-i760, SCH-i830*, i320
  • Sharp W-ZERO3*, WS003SH*
  • Sony Ericsson K610i*, K800i*, M600i*, P900*, P910a*, P910i*, P990i* (no cradle support), P1i* (no cradle support)( K800i and K610i require firmware version MR4 or later)
  • Sprint ppc - 6700
  • All T-Mobile MDA Vario's
  • Vodafone 702NK* (Windows Mobile 5)
  • Vodafone VDA IV (Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone), Vodafone VDA V (Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone, use WinMob-5-Smartphone-Client)
  • Vodafone VPA compact II, VPA compact S (Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC)

Almost Working

  • Cingular 3125 (Windows Mobile 5)* but will not work with a wildcard SSL certificate on the server. Not sure if this problem is specific to the phone or Windows Mobile 5.
  • HTC TyTn works with the first client version and Intellisync Mobile Suite 2 server install. It won't work with the Intellisync Mobile Suite client 2.
  • Nokia 5140i
  • Nokia 5500 Sport in SyncML 1.1 mode syncs contacts but not calendar.
  • Nokia 6233 syncs contacts with SyncML but not calendar.
  • Nokia E61-1(Symbian 9.1) - needs v3 firmware and GMS v2 client
  • Nokia E60 (Symbian 9.1) only with "S60V3" Software. Works with version 8 of the client, but slows the phone down/memory hog & requires password before getting mail. Require latest firmware - 2.0618.06.05
  • Nokia E50 (Symbian 9.1) only with "S60V3" Software.
  • Nokia E70-1(Symbian 9.1) only with "S60V3" Software.
  • Nokia E71 (tested with GMS 2.0.3 Linux) (I have moved it to working, tested on both Linux & Windows 2.03, since Apr-26-2008 client installed via MicroSD card.)
  • Nokia N71 (Symbian 9.1) only with "S60V3" Software.
  • Nokia N73 (Symbian 9.1) only with "S60V3" Software.
  • Nokia N80 (Symbian 9.1) only with "S60V3" Software.

The above software has a bug for some phones "Mail sent from Symbian based phones to any recipient is delivered as posted mail into senders mailbox". See https://secure-support.novell.com/KanisaPlatform/Publishing/783/3745710_f.SAL_Public.html

  • Sierra Wireless VOQ (Windows SmartPhone 2003) - Syncs e-mail and calender via T-Mobile T-Zones WAP Proxy.
  • Sony Ericsson w810i with SyncML
  • Sony Ericsson K700i syncs calendar, tasks and contacts with SyncML.
  • Sony Ericsson P990i syncs calendar, tasks and contacts with SyncML.
  • Sony Ericsson K610i syncs contacts and tasks with SyncML but not calendar.
  • Sony Ericsson W700i syncs calendar & tasks with SyncML.
  • Sony Ericsson T630 syncs calendar, tasks and contacts with SyncML.

Supposedly Working

The following is a list of supposedly working devices. I don't have approval to disclose the source.

  • Audiovox vx6800 (ROM-version 3.3)
  • Cingular 8125
  • HP iPAQ 2215
  • HP iPAQ 6315
  • HP iPAQ 6316
  • HP iPAQ h1940
  • HP iPAQ hw6945 (ROM-version: OS 5.1.195)
  • HTC P3400 Gene (ROM-version 1.11.511.0 PTB)
  • HTC S621 Excalibur (ROM-version 1.27.514.1)
  • HTC S710 (ROM-version 05.02.35)
  • HTC SMT5800 (ROM-version 05.02.35)
  • HTC Touch (ROM-version 05.02.20)
  • HTC XV6800 (ROM-version 05.02.20)
  • HTC S711 (ROM-version 1.25.514.1)
  • iMATE JAMin / iMate PPC Phone Edition
  • LG Corona
  • LG JOY (ROM-version V V05B)
  • Motorola Q (ROM-version AKU 3.2)
  • Motorola Q Claro (ROM-version CE5.2.979)
  • Motorola Q Vivo (ROM-version OS CE: 5.2.979)
  • Motorola A1000
  • Motorola M1000
  • Motorola MPx220
  • Nokia 3110 classic (J2ME, ROM-version V 04.91)
  • Nokia 3230
  • Nokia 5300 (J2ME)
  • Nokia 5310 (J2ME, ROM-version v 03.60)
  • Nokia 6120 - Cassini (S60 3rd, ROM-version v 03.60)
  • Nokia 6280 (J2ME; ROM-version v 06.43)
  • Nokia 6300
  • Nokia 6600 / 6620 / 6630 / 6680 / 6681 / 6682
  • Nokia 7610 / 7610b
  • Nokia 9300 [ROM-version v05.50(00)]
  • Nokia 9300i [ROM-version v05.50(00)]
  • Nokia 9500 [ROM-version v04.51(00)]
  • Nokia E50
  • Nokia E51 Siiri (S60; ROM-version V 100.34.20)
  • Nokia E60
  • Nokia E61 (S60 3rd; ROM-version 3.0633.09.03)
  • Nokia E61i (S60 3rd; ROM-version 2.0633.60.00)
  • Nokia E61i PR2 (S60 3.1; ROM-version 2.0633.65.01)
  • Nokia E65 (S60 3.1; ROM-version 1.0633.18.01)
  • Nokia E65 PR2 (S60 3.1; ROM-version 2.0633.65.01)
  • Nokia E70 (ROM-version 1.0610.05.06)
  • Nokia E90 (S60 3rd; ROM-version V
  • Nokia E90 Maxi (S60 3.1; ROM-version V
  • Nokia N70
  • Nokia N73 (S60 3rd; ROM-version V 3.0705.1.0.31)
  • Nokia N76 (S60 3.1; ROM-version V 20.0.023)
  • Nokia N80
  • Nokia N81 8GB (S60 3.1; ROM-version V 10.0.053)
  • Nokia N90
  • Nokia N95 (S60 3rd; ROM-version 10.0.018)
  • Nokia N95 8GB (S60 3.1; ROM-version 10.0.021)
  • Palm Treo 650 / 680 / 700p / 700w / 700wx
  • Palm Treo 750v (ROM-version AKU 2.3.2)
  • Palm Treo 755P (Palm OS 5.4; ROM-version 1.06)
  • QTek 9000
  • Samsung SCH-i600 / SCH-i730 / SCH-i830
  • Samsung SGH-i607 Blackjack (ROM-version AKU 3.2)
  • Samsung i321N (ROM-version
  • Sharp W-ZERO3 WS003SH
  • Sony Ericsson K550i (J2ME; ROM-version CXC1250669 R1KG001)
  • Sony Ericsson K610i (J2ME; ROM-version CXC1250374)
  • Sony Ericsson K800i / M600i / P900 / P910a / P910i / P990i
  • Sony Ericsson W610i (J2ME; ROM-version R1KG001)
  • Sony Ericsson W880i (J2ME; ROM-version CXC1250640)
  • Sony Ericsson P1i (UIQ 3.1; ROM-version CXC162037 R9H004)
  • Sony Ericsson W960i (UIQ 3; ROM-version CXC162037 R9H004)
  • T-Mobile Dash (WM6 Standard; ROM-version AKU 3.0)
  • T-Mobile MDA Compact III (ROM-version AKU 3.0)
  • T-Mobile MDA Vario II (ROM-version AKU 2.4)
  • UTStarcom Amoi e78 (ROM-version 5.1.525)
  • Verizon Wireless SMT5600 / XV6600
  • Vodafone 702NK

Not Working

  • The Motorola E815 will only send text messages to it.(This may be a GMS1 comment - can anyone confirm that this is a problem with GMS2?)
  • Nokia N96 (App installs and then says Setting up, then goes back to main menu, no intellisync icons, but says its installed!) - Also tried on beta GMS 3.0 -(Update on 03-Nov-2008. Update the phone firmware to 11.101 - [Use Applications->Tools->Device Mgr and update the firmware, Nokia Software Updater may not show this update] -Intellisync gets configured and everything works as expected.
  • Nokia N85 (The installation goes correct but the application does not start)
  • MOTORAZR V3m by Motorola from Sprint not working with GMS
  • LG LX550 Fusic appears to allow login but next page is blank.
  • Palm Zire 31 not working with GMS (Fatal exception after sync)
  • Palm Tungsten not working with GMS (Fatal exception after sync)
  • Apple iPhone

"*" Indicates a supported platform or device. Any device not containing an "*" after it is unsupported, though it may work.

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