GroupWise Mobile Server SyncML configuration

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SyncML only supports sync of Calendar and Contacts

SyncML settings may vary on different phones but the following settings are always the same:

SyncML server address: yourserver/syncml.jsp

Contacts database: contacts

Calendar database: calendar

Best tool for troubleshooting SyncML is to run Wireshark on the GMS machine and look at the actual communication between client and server. This way you can verify that you are indeed getting a valid SyncML conversation.


This is a step-by step configuration for Nokia 6300

Menu > Settings > Configuration > Personal Config Settings > New > Synchronisation > Account name: Min Synkronisering > Server adress: (Substitute your server url) > User name: Your groupwise user id > Password: Your groupwise password > Contacts database: contacts > User name & Password: Leave empty > Calendar database: calendar > User name & Password: Leave empty > Backup to "Min synkronisering" > Options > Activate.

Then exit and Menu > Settings > Configuration > Connectivity > Data Transfer > Server Sync > Options > Edit > Synchronised data: Choose calendar and/or contacts > Select.

You can create a shortcut to data transfer to speed up things.