GroupWise Mobile Server SyncML configuration

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SyncML only supports sync of Calendar and Contacts

SyncML settings may vary on different phones but the following settings are always the same:

SyncML server address: yourserver/syncml.jsp

Contacts database: contacts

Calendar database: calendar


This is a step-by step configuration for Nokia 6300

Menu > Settings > Configuration > Personal Config Settings > New > Synchronisation > Account name: Min Synkronisering > Server adress: (Substitute your server url) > User name: Your groupwise user id > Password: Your groupwise password > Contacts database: contacts > User name & Password: Leave empty > Calendar database: calendar > User name & Password: Leave empty > Backup to "Min synkronisering" > Options > Activate.

Then exit and Menu > Settings > Configuration > Connectivity > Data Transfer > Server Sync > Options > Edit > Synchronised data: Choose calendar and/or contacts > Select.

You can create a shortcut to data transfer to speed up things.