GroupWise 8 Tools for Troubleshooting

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GroupWise 8 Best Practices

GroupWise 8 Troubleshooting

GroupWise 8 Tools for Troubleshooting


Along with the software tools GroupWise administrators will find handy you'll find advice and solutions you can use here.

The more contributions we have from experienced administrators and support engineers here the better.



Server Configuration Information Wikis
Config.nlm for Netware
AbendHunting Abend analysis Wiki
Certificate Authority Troubleshooting Wiki
High Utilization Resolution Wiki


Server Configuration Information

Support Utilities for Linux
Novell Support Advisor 2.1
Novell Support Advisor is a free, easily installed client that allows you to diagnose issues securely and locally, and does not require sending log information to Novell for analysis. This tool provides customers with a streamlined way to perform both pro-active and reactive system diagnostic tasks typically provided by Novell Technical Services, but in a local and automated fashion. In addition to diagnostic analysis for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11, Novell Support Advisor 2.0.1 now provides data gathering capabilities and diagnostic pattern analysis for NetWare, GroupWise and ZENworks server applications running on both Linux and Windows platforms and a client for Linux, Windows or MAC.

Windows Servers


Windows Desktops

SAN & Storage

Third-party event management information:

Brocade: SAN Health Tools
EMC: Navisphere Information
HP: SANworks storage management appliance Information
McData: Now part of Brocade
Qlogic: Fabric Management


There is and only ever could be one Laura Chappell!

Protocol Analysis Institute
Also found at [ Wireshark University

Laura's Web sites contain the latest lists of networking troubleshooting applications and tools: Everything you could ever want, and quite a few you hope your user never find.

Nessus A very useful tool for 1st step penetration testing.

The Nessus® vulnerability scanner is the world-leader in active scanners, featuring high-speed discovery, configuration auditing, asset profiling, sensitive data discovery and vulnerability analysis of your security posture. Nessus scanners can be distributed throughout an entire enterprise, inside DMZs and across physically separate networks.


GroupWise Documentation Troubleshooting Guides

Error Messages
Solutions to Common Problems
Message Flow and Directory Structure


Not widely appreciated but the Novell Cool Solutions intuitive was started by the GroupWise team.

The GroupWise CoolTools section contains a whole heap of interesting tools

Items that are particularly useful include

Dynamic GroupWise user statistics
Shared Folder Reporting Tool
Identifying the owner of a PU (Public User) Database
Shared Address Book Reporting Tool