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Welcome to the Support Forums wiki

The following pages are collection of tips that allow people to get most of the Novell Support Forums. While Novell maintains an official FAQ page, this wiki allows forum users to share their tips and tricks.

Accessing the forums through a newsreader

The Novell Support Forums run on a standard news server named using the standard NNTP protocol on port 119. Alternately, there is the global news server which not only contains the support forums, but also the developper and forge forums. So if you are active in these other forums as well, you might use this global server to access them all through a single server.

To access the forums, you need a newsreader. There are many different newsreaders available. Here are the top newsreaders as of February 2006:

Microsoft Outlook Express
Virtual Access
Forte Agent
40tude Dialog

Accessing the forums through a web browser

Novell also provides browser-based access to the forums. Since the autumn of 2007, this is done with a professional software on the new site . The old web interface is still accessible though the links at , but it will go away soon.

Alternate non Novell web sites that mirror the Novell forums:

Google Groups Contains most of Novell forums. However, almost no new messages from the Novell forums are appearing on the site, and as such, this interface is only suited if you want to search old forum messages. Contains most of Novell forums plus a few site specific forums. This site is probably going away soon.