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All benefits are based on your recent and current status


    • NEW: Access to the private forums and support from the KP support team. Use KNOWLEDGE ASSOCIATE title in the forums.
    • KNOWLEDGE ASSOCIATE: Same as new (continuation of the same benefits) with the addition of NPRS subscription and Bugzilla access.
    • KNOWLEDGE PARTNER: Same as KNOWLEDGE ASSOCIATE with the additional benefit of having the right to use the Knowledge Partner title and program marks. In addition, KPs have access to OnDemand training, the beta program/downloads, and have eligibility to participate in events that may be offered. NOTE: An event, if tied to a specific business unit, may only be offered to participants in that business unit's forums. Also, what costs are paid for any particular event is dependent upon budget and the number of people attending.
    • SPECIALIZED CONTRIBUTOR: The contributions and desires of each special contributor is unique and benefits will be determined by the program manager in consultation with the specialized contributor.
    • UBER EMPLOYEE CONTRIBUTORS: "Forum Contributor" ribbon to hang on office nameplate. Special icon in the forum profile.
    • EMERITUS KP: Access to private chat forums and title in forum profile.


As you are supporting and advocating Micro Focus products, we want to try to give you access to the latest products for your own testing purposes. Every Knowledge Partner that wishes will be subscribed to the Professional Resource Suite which covers all "for sale" products. KPs can download openSUSE and for those that support and want it, we'll get you boxed copies of openSUSE.

Malcolm has written a HOW TO guide for using NPRS: "If you go to your NPRS page at then click on the "Professional Resource Suite Electronic - Partner" link in the blue box. Then in the next blue box click on the "RequestSoftware Registration Codes" link. Select you poison and click on the 'Request Code' button and it will be created for you, then head off to the relevant BU for your download."


KP events will be conducted as budget allows and we can't promise anything, but the goal is to sponsor attendance of the top KPs to one or more events that allow face-to-face meeting, learning, and having fun. We try to do things like Novell/NetIQ's annual BrainShare conference which is a "working" event where KPs get to attend sessions but also staff a Question/Answer booth. SUSEcon is another event we would like to attend if we can. We have had various events over the past years for the top KPs as a thank you for all the work you have done on behalf of Micro Focus. It is also often a chance to sit down with some of the Micro Focus management team and hold them a captive audience while you discuss whatever is on your mind :) Travel Policy and Information Dedicated Support You also have access to a dedicated KP support team made up of some of the best support engineers Micro Focus has, and the program manager who the company must have picked up off the street somewhere. You can access these resources via a group of private forums. OnDemand Training access Your KP entitlement gives you access to OnDemand Training. 1) Go to the customer center and log in using your NetIQ/Novell/SUSE login account. 2) Choose My Training in the left navigation menu, then select On-demand Training. Bugzilla Access You have the ability to access confidential information on Micro Focus' bug tracking tool (you must request access). Here is a PDF document that explains the use of Bugzilla including all the fields. There are specific instructions/restrictions for KP Bugzilla access: You can add yourselves to the cc list of any defect for any product EXCEPT any ZEN product, IDM *non-shipping* product, or L3 SUSE bugs. You should ask a KP support team member to be added to these. (All external addresses are removed when a SUSE bug is set to L3 status) For IDM bugs for non-shipping products, ask Steve Williams directly if he'll add you to a bug and explain why (Same bug as shipping product, etc.) Please don't add comments for *any* bug for any product unless you are expressly asked to do so or have been given express permission. Please don't change any status (severity, etc) on any bug. Ever. Beta Product Access You have the ability to download products not yet released via the Beta Program and participate in discussions of beta products in private beta discussion forums. To see which beta products are available for download click on the 'betas' tab at KP Logo Knowledge Partners have the right to use the KP Logo on their own signatures, avatars, personal web pages, blogs, etc. as long as they are active members of the KP progam. (You are not allowed to modify the logo other than resize) All KPs will get the title "Knowledge Partner" in all three NetIQ, Novell, and SUSE forums. However, to get a Knowledge Partner badge for a specific BU on the Knowledge Partner list, a KP needs to participate at an average level of 5 useful replies/month in that BU's product discussion forums for a 6 month evaluation period. Forum Moderation Knowledge Partners have the right to moderate posts in the NetIQ, Novell, and SUSE Forums (not the openSUSE forums as they have their own moderator program). You can enforce forum rules and delete messages when you deem appropriate. KPs are recognized as the moderators on the forums. There is no requirement to do so however. Personal Biography Page Of course the most amazing and most valuable benefit you get out of this program is to be able to have your very own biography page where you can tell the world about your experience and knowledge and let folks get to know you a little better. It's your responsibility to ensure this information is up to date and accurate because if it's not, that just may be the key to unlock the door to the demonic underworld releasing all manner of hellish beasts and setting them on mankind. Really. It could. Nominate/Vote for future KPs Current KPs will be able to nominate and vote for the following year's KPs in the fall of each year. We rely on your knowledge and judgement to help us decide who should obtain/retain the title of Novell Knowledge Partner.