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Kickstart installations with expanded support media and suse manager

In this Article we will describe HOWTO implement a kickstart installation based on RHEL 6 Update 6 (Current RHEL is RHEL6.7) with SUSE Manager.

We assume that you fulfilled the following requirements:

- You have obtained a SUSE SLES Expanded Support Media

- You have created a cloned tree for RHEL ES 6 Update 6 basing on "RHEL x86_64 Server 6" including the Suse Manager Tools Channel

 see: https://wiki.microfocus.com/index.php/SUSE_Manager/rhel-minor-version 

1. Create a new empty channel that is matching your distribution (e.g. SLES-ES-6.6_x86_64). Choose "Parent Channel" = "None" and "Architecture" = "x86_64"

2. Create a new Distribution, provide the following information:

a) Label = e.g. SLES-ES-6.6-x86_64_Distro

b) Base Channel = "The Channel you created in 1)"

c) Tree Path = "/mnt/mounted_SLES_ES_DVD"

d) Installer Generation = "RedHat Enterprise Linux 6"

3. Create a new activation Key and refer to a cloned channel (see requirements)

4. Create a new auto installation profile and provide:

a) Base Channel = "Channel from Point 1"

b) Kickstartable tree = "Distribution from Point 2"

c) Activation Key = "Key from Point 3"

Note: The reason why we are using an empty channel during kickstart phase is that we want to avoid conflicting package dependencies during installation phase. If you chose filled RHEL channels this is happening in the early installation phase.