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Kickstart installations with expanded support media and suse manager

In this Article we will describe HOWTO implement a kickstart installation based on RHEL 6 Update 6 (Current RHEL is RHEL6.7) with SUSE Manager.

We assume that you fulfilled the following requirements:

- You have obtained a SUSE SLES Expanded Support Media

- You have created a cloned tree for RHEL ES 6 Update 6 basing on "RHEL x86_64 Server 6" including the Suse Manager Tools Channel

 ( see: https://wiki.microfocus.com/index.php/SUSE_Manager/rhel-minor-version )

1. Create a new empty channel that is matching your distribution (e.g. SLES-ES-6.6_x86_64). Chose "Parent Channel" = "None and "Architecture" = x86_64

2. Create a new Distribution, provide the following information:

a) Label = e.g. SLES-ES-6.6-x86_64_Distro

b) Base Channel = "The Channel you created in 1)"

c) Tree Path = "/mnt/mounted_SLES_ES_DVD"

d) Installer Generation = RedHat Enterprise Linux 6

3. Create a new activation Key and refer to a cloned channel (see requirements)

4. Create a new auto installation profile and provide:

a) Base Channel = "Channel from Point 1"

b) Kickstartable tree = "Distribution from Point 2"

c) Activation Key = "Key from Point 3"