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Welcome to the eDirectory Wiki!!

As already mentioned on the wiki main page, please feel free to join in. You can read anything in here without logging in, but if you feel like commenting on something, or starting a new topic, you'll need to use a Novell Login account (which you'll be prompted to create if you don't already have one).

The Good Stuff

OPEN CALL Blue screen at Novell login

We are running W2K with Novell client 4.9, and are using LDAP contextless login. Normally, a user will type their username, then tab or click down to the password field, and there is a slight delay as LDAP looks up the username. I have noticed that if the user types their name incorrectly and moves down to the password field, an error message is displayed, saying the user was not found in the tree. Then, when the user types their name correctly, and moves to the password field, the computer blue screens. Any ideas? Thanks!