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Welcome to the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Connector Wiki

Note: Version 1 of the Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack shipped on September 10, 2010. Please bear with us whilst these wiki pages are updated to reflect release.

As we prepare for product release, we are certifying several devices with the Mobility Connector and supporting dozens of additional devices. We appreciate your help in logging device specific information in the tables in Data Synchronizer Mobility Connector Devices. There are links from each device table to setup instructions for the device. At present, much of this information is blank. If you have information that can help others, please feel free to contribute your findings. If you have a device that is not listed, you are welcome to add a table for the device and share your experiences.

Best Practices

This wiki details some of the best practices and user stories for administering Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack.

Many useful topics may be missing or incomplete. Please help out by contributing relevant topics and information.


In general, the Mobility Connector works with devices that:

  • Support connecting to MS Exchange 2003 SP2 or later
  • Run Apple OS 3.0, 3.1 or later
  • Run Android 2.1
  • Run or can be upgraded to Symbian Series 60 3rd-5th Edition
  • Run or can be upgraded to MS Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, or 6.5; MS Windows Mobile 5.0 with Messaging and Security Feature Pack; or MS Windows Mobile 2003 and 2003 2nd Edition
  • Support the ActiveSync protocol version 2.5

How to configure your mobility server to use a self-signed cert for testing purposes

In order to be able to use Mobility Pack with a self-signed cert (normally for testing purposes)

SSL Issues

We also discuss issues that we find dealing with various third-party SSL certificates. You can find information on those certificates here.

Please feel free to add your experiences to any of these pages so that the rest of the community can benefit.

How to update

How to update Mobility


Mobility Roadmap

Build Numbers

Update Version Build Release Date ActiveSync protocol version
0 104 2010-09-10 ????
1 115 2010-10-12 ????
2 183 2010-12-01 ????