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This set of wiki pages was created as a clearing house for all ZFS7 related activities. Please contribute to this project.

The goal is to document pretty much everything that is appropriate to enable you to successfully get ZFS 7 running in a lab or proof of concept environment.

The aim is to start with some '101' type information; allow this to be used to build a Proof of Concept type of lab; document the successes and caveats; and over time to build a more complete body of work.

Sticky.gif Note: It should be clear that this is a work in progress.

Don't Panic

'ZENworks 7 Server Management - Don't Panic'

There are many sources of help from Novell:

ZENworks 7 Server Management documentation


Novell Support

Novell Support online - http://support.novell.com

Enhancement Requests

Customers should enter enhancement requests at http://support.novell.com/enhancement

Product Download

Customers, partners competitors and Novell people all get their FCS code from http://download.novell.com

Before you Start

  1. Read the Documentation. Attempt to get at least a concept of how ZFS works.
  2. DNS must be working. What does this mean? It means that server1 should be able to ping server2 via it's name. Not only should you be able to ping "server1", but you should be able to ping "server1.domain.com"
  3. DNS on your installation workstation must also be working correctly. Check you can ping server1 and server2 and "server1.domain.com" and "server2.domain.com" from the workstation you will install ZFS from.
  4. If using MMS, you must have a NetWare 6.5 server to act as the Management Site Server. (ZFS version 7)



eDirectory Requirements

Container Requirements

Server Requirements

Basic ZFS Configuration

  • Distributor - Server that handles distribution of files, policy packages, and software packages
  • Subscriber - A receiving server, site server, that receives distributions, policy packages, software packages, and acts accordingly. Could almost be thought to act as a agent on the hosting server.
  • Channel - Acts as a "PIPE" between the distributor and subscriber. Acts as a tunnel which can control schedules between distributor and subscribers and bandwidth usage.
  • Sticky.gif Note: Add graphic describing the TED hierarchy

  • Server1
    • Runs Tiered Distribution Services. This includes several java process that are loaded from the volume:\zenworks\ folder
    • Requires port 8090 for ZWS services (XMLRPC)
    • Will act as a distribution server. A distribution server will manage communiation between it's self and subscriber servers.
  • Server2
    • Runs Tiered Distribution Services. This includes several java processes that are laoded from the volume:\zenworks\ folder.
    • Requires port 8090 for ZWS services (XMLRPC)
    • Runs "Subscriber agent", which receives distributions, policies, software packages, and acts according the distributions instructions.

Installing and configuring your first ZFS Servers

Post Installation

Advanced ZFS7 deployment

ZFS7 scalability

ZFS7 architecture

Other resources

Troulbeshooting, known issues, and common mistakes