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Personality Migration AKA Desktop DNA

(disclaimer: I am not an expert in this software nor do I claim to be. Please correct or tweak as necessary)

This product is useful in certain situations:

1) Power user migrating to a new system
2) High profile user migrating to a new system
3) Power user installing a parallel OS on same system

What this product does well:

1) Migrating profile settings
2) Migrating simple apps with custom settings (i.e. Palm Desktop)
3) Migrating app settings with settings in a consolidated area (Mozilla Firefox)

What this program does not do well:

1) Migrating complicated Apps (such as Microsoft Office)
2) Migrating settings that are scattered (multiple directories, settings stored in HKLM)

I recommend the following steps to get started.

1) Get some virtualization software (vmware rocks!) and play around
2) The DDNA software can run from a network share, so stick it out there and connect that way
3) Start Small!! Don't grab the entire C: drive
4) Try the preconfigured options first and see how well it does.
5) Once you're satisfied, branch out. Make a list of "tricky" apps. Like Palm Desktop, Active Syncc, custom Web browser settings, etc.
6) Create templates for different needs. No point in reinventing the wheel once it works right?
7) Create a self extracting exe of the DDNA data. There are other methods, but this is by far the most convenient.

If you purchase the advanced product you can do cool stuff like schedule DDNA actions.