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ENGL Imaging Toolkit is a suite of products developed and supported by the UK based Expert Networking Group Limited (ENGL). ENGL Imaging Toolkit includes three complimentary products, ENGL Zim, ENGL Ztoolkit and ENGL Zwake.

ENGL Zim enhances ZENworks imaging by providing a customizable friendly front-end, including secure LDAP contextless authentication, multi-level menus displayed based on LDAP identity, and image restore automation using hardware BIOS information. Behind the scenes, ENGL Zim runs from an easy to learn script language called Zim Script that includes functions to display input dialogs, read and modify INI files, perform LDAP tasks, and manipulate the local machines ZISD (ZENworks Image-safe Data).

ENGL Ztoolkit simplifies the creation, deployment and maintenance of Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server images. ENGL Ztoolkit was designed using ENGL's Windows deployment methodology named Smart Windows Deployment™. ENGL Ztoolkit supports the creation of hardware independent base images, separate add-on images containing OEM Windows drivers for each hardware variation and a customisable build process that handles driver installation and validation, computer naming, ZENworks Agent and Novell Client installation, registration of the ZENworks workstation and joining of the computer to Active Directory/Domain, application installation, Default User profile, and customisation using custom hooks (registry files and VBScript) before and after each build phase. The ENGL Ztoolkit build process is configured by a single INI configuration file. ENGL Ztoolkit includes an ActiveX Control that includes useful functions for customising the Windows machine that can be called using Ztoolkit custom hooks, Zdrivers that can export OEM drivers from a machine and automatically create a ZENworks add-on drivers image, and a cloning wizard designed to clone a Ztoolkit built machine to other machines with identical hardware.

ENGL Zwake is a lights-out deployment tool that can be run from a workstation. ENGL Zwake can be configured with multiple schedules, each with multiple tasks and targets. Tasks include sending Wake-On-LAN (WOL) magic packets, diagnostic ping, and setting ZENworks imaging flags. Targets can be selected from eDirectory using LDAP or imported from an XML file.

The current version is ENGL Imaging Toolkit 5.1, which brings full support for Windows Vista and ZENworks 10

Tips & Tricks [required?]

ENGL Ztoolkit comes with a great tool to extract drivers from a machine, but since models can contain a variety of different hardware and device ids may change with minor devices revs, it may be easier and more stable to create the driver add-on image from the vendors raw drivers. Download the drivers from the manufacturer, extract the drivers, then find the folder with the driver inf file and insert this folder into computer model driver add-on image.

There is a Dutch manual on http://www.warmetal.nl/#EnglImaging