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Welcome to the ZENworks Best Practice Wiki!!

Like the name already indicates this wiki page is all about best practice information for ZENworks. Best Practices should cover the best info gathered from experience, with this in mind it's clear that a best practice guide should be a dynamic document where the latest experiences from the field are gathered so that others can use this. A published document is outdated after the next implementation of the product, so we need to be able to gather the new information that is found during the implementations in the field. Add your best practice information and have others have a great experience as well while using ZENworks.

In the last few years there have been different publications with best practice information, white papers or appnotes, after a good search you might have found the document you where looking for. We would like to change this and make the best practice information more consistant and more easy to find.

So, how do we want to do this? This page contains an overview of the available best practice documents (if you know of any more, please just add as that's what the wiki is all about), with the links we also have a related wiki page where feedback or additional information can be provided. If there is no Best Practice guide yet you'll only find the wiki page, please add your info so that we can use it and maybe get a proper best practice document together.

Open Invitation

Please join in! This is a community site. Edit, comment, contribute.

Topic Best Practice Wiki Documentation Other references

ZENworks Desktop Management
Middle Tier Coolsolution Wiki DOC
Application Management Wiki DOC AppDeploy
ZENworks Desktop Management Policies Wiki DOC
All about Group Policy Wiki
ZENworks Traditional Inventory Wiki

ZENworks Asset Management
Wiki DOC

ZENworks Server Management
ZSM Policy and Distribution Services Appnote Wiki DOC
ZSM Management and Monitoring Wiki DOC

ZENworks Handheld Management
Wiki DOC

ZENworks Patch Management
Wiki DOC

Desktop DNA Personality Migration
Wiki DOC

ZENworks Partner Products
SecureWave Sanctuary (partner product) Wiki
ENGL ZENworks Imaging Toolkit (partner product) Wiki DOC

NOTE: The links to the documentation refere to the some specific parts of the documentation, there might however be more information available in other sections of the documentation (like the install sections), use the search feature within the documentation to find the info needed.