ZENworks 7 Linux Management Cook Book

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Welcome to the ZENworks 7 Linux Management Cook Book


This set of wiki pages was created as a clearing house for all ZLM7 related activities. Please contribute to this project.

The goal is to document pretty much everything that is appropriate to enable you to successfully get ZLM 7 running in a lab or proof of concept environment.

The aim is to start with some '101' type information; allow this to be used to build a Proof of Concept type of lab; document the successes and caveats; and over time to build a more complete body of work.

It should be clear that this is a work in progress.

I re-posted this for public consumption from the Novell Internal Wiki. No secrets here.

And a BIG HI to Trey who is working on a proof of concept.

Ezs Martin Buckley April 2006

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Don't Panic!

Before you think of starting

Before you Start

Your ZLM7 Server

Installing and configuring your first server

Post Installation

  • post-configuration tasks
    • working from the ZENworks Control Center
      • Supported Browsers
    • creating adminstrators and service accounts
    • working from the console (zlman)
    • software and package management
    • policies
      • text-file policy
      • scheduled action policy
      • gconf (gnome) policy
      • Firefox policy
      • Epiphany policy
      • Evolution policy
      • NLD policy
    • Imaging
      • PXE infrastructure
      • AutoYaST
      • KickStart
      • ZENworks Imaging
    • ZLM Settings
    • Co-existance with ZENworks 7
      • Imaging (proxy forwarding)
      • Inventory (hardware rollup)

Advanced ZLM deployment

  • Secondary Servers
    • understanding eDirectory replica placement
    • understanding TED
    • Secondary server placement
  • remote database support
    • Remote Postgres
    • Remote Oracle 9i
    • Remote Oracle 10g (future)
  • purging the package repository
  • Postgres vacuum
  • promoting a secondary server

ZLM7 scalability

  • Single Server
  • Multiple server

ZLM7 Architecture

  • Nomenclature
  • Product design goals
  • What differs from RCE2/ZLM6.x
  • What differs from traditional ZENworks
  • Architecture overview
  • Server drill-down
  • Client drill-down

Other resources

  • ZLM7 Administrators Guide

Troubleshooting and known issues

  • troubleshooting steps
    • ZLM server
      • Server certificate has expired
        • Symptom : when performing operations, you get an exception indication that the server certificate has expired : "com.phaos.SSL.SSLExecption: Certificate has expired".
        • Solution : use the following lines to generate a self-signed certificate with a validity of 10 years :
          • mv /opt/novell/zenworks/share/keystore /opt/novell/zenworks/share/keystore.old
          • keytool -genkey -alias tomcat -keyalg RSA -keystore /opt/novell/zenworks/share/keystore -keypass `cat /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/serversecret` -storepass `cat /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/serversecret` -validity 3650 -dname "cn=`hostname`"
          • zlm-config --restart
    • client
    • ZLMmirror