ZENWorks Supported Imaging Drivers

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This page is to provide administrators with a list of known drivers that work in the ZENworks Desktop Management imaging kernel.

Warning.gif Warning: This page is NOT supported by Novell. Everyone is encouraged to provide information about drivers known to work.

Where to Download

A table has been created listing drivers that are included in the different imaging kernels. This table can also include references to other custom compiled imaging kernels.

The table references imaging kernels that can be downloaded from Novell Developer Wiki to support new hardware.

Table of Supported Imaging Drivers

Posting hardware information

There are several bright people that currently compile drivers

Feel free to post hardware information to the following link in hopes that someone will compile a driver for you.

Hardware Information for unsupported hardware

There is no guarantee that the driver will be compiled, but there is always hope.

Sticky.gif Note: A service request can be opened if immediate assistance is needed, and Novell will compile the required driver.

Compiling Unsupported Drivers

Publicly available Linux drivers can be compiled using the SLES kernels. Information for this process can be found at the following resources.

Compiling Drivers for Desktop Imaging

Common ZENworks Knowledgebase Documents

Troubleshooting ZENworks Imaging
Where is the imaging BootCD.iso file found
How-TO Load Linux driver manually

Please update this page with the hardware information and reference the imaging kernel download location.