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Request: "Looking for advice creating Windows Group Policy packages for ZFD7"

We just deployed some simple GPs to 20 remotes sites

1) Create your policy in a Virtual Machine or a clean spare machine. Because the way that ZEN gets the GP is by loading a GP onto your machine, then it loads GPEDIT.MSC, you make your changes and then ZEN copies it to the network (or wherever you specified) when you close the MMC. The problem with this technique is that you have crippled your machine while you are in the MMC. Take the run command away from your GP, and you've taken it away from your machine too (temporarily).

2) There is no way (short of an unknown 3rd party program) to export the settings in one GP into another. So, if you have multiple people with separate goals in mind, they really need to create one for testing and then manually redo all the changes into the main GP. Stupid, I know. You can export the settings though, so at least you know what you changed. Or simplify and have them edit the same source GP in a test environment. This is easier, but can make troubleshooting much more difficult.

3) The only way to edit the GP is by setting up path to the GP in the specific policy for the specific OS. I know, clear as mud. Instead of using the NT-2000-XP policy to create/edit your policy, you have to set it up under the same OS as you are using on your system. You may create a GP that affects 2000 and XP, but you can't edit it under that policy. You must set it up under the XP policy. Once you're done, move it to the NT-2000-XP policy for testing.

4) Create/store your policies in an area that everybody can access. We stored ours under a GroupPolicy folder under sys:\public

5) Make sure you check the schedule. I like the GP to deploy on an event. We generally have associated the GPs to Workstations so that they can get the policy when the system is first booted up (before login). But you have different options depending on whether you choose Workstation or User Package.

A very good troubleshooting doc is http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?/10065126.htm