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ZAM (ZENworks Asset Management), Novells better-half to the original ZENworks Desktop Inventory, makes inventory reporting easy.

Creating inventory reports in ZAM is broken into a subcategory called custom reports. From this category you can build, export, and import custom reports.

  • Reports that other people have created, like Here


This page will hopefully be a resource holding ideas related to ZAM custom reports.

Creating a Custom Report

Custom inventory reports are made available via the Webconsole. This makes it easy for viewing by management or other non-technical staff.

  1. Login to the ZAM web console - You can do this by launching the WebConsole from the ZAM Manager, by clicking on the globe icon ZAM-Globe.png, or by going to the following url http://your_server_IPorDNS:8080/rtrlet/rtr?act=network.Login
  2. Click on the "Reports Inventory | Usage" tab
  3. Expand the "Custom Reports" Folder
  4. Select the folder that your report should go under

Example, if you were to create a report, reporting workstations with the ZDM Agent. Then you would select the "SW Applications" folder.

  1. Select "New Report" from the bottom of the WebConsole ZAM-Webconsole.png
  2. Select the type of report. This example will be for reporting workstations with the ZENworks ADM Agent
    1. Provide a name for the report
    2. Select the "Workstations" radio button
    3. Select the "Product Filtering" radio button
    4. Select Continue
  3. Customize the report
    1. Columns to display, Remove all columns from the Displayed list box, but Machine Name
    2. Add to the criteria fields by clicking on the "plus" button as here ZAM-AddCriteria.png
    3. Select "Product Manufacturer" for the "Field" column
    4. Leave the operator as "="
    5. Set the value to "Novell"
    6. Add a third Criteria row and set the values to "Product Name" "=" "ZDM Application Management Agent"
    7. Save the report.

All of the Criteria fields are browsable by clicking on the "Available values" button ZAM-AvailableValues.png

Importing Custom Reports

  1. On the Reports Inventory/Usage page or the Network Discovery page, choose the Custom Reports link.
  2. At the bottom of the page, choose Import Custom Report Definition.
  3. Browse to the downloaded XML file and choose to Import.
  4. The newly imported report will appear underneath an Imported folder
  5. (optional) If desired, click the report link and choose Edit at the bottom of the page to move the report to another folder.