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Creating a network install for Office 2003

Using Ork tools, available from MS, you can customize the Office 2003 Install and then distribute the Office using Zenworks application objects or Application images.

  1. Download Orktools from Micosoft or from the following link

  1. Start Office install from your installation CD, setup.exe /A
    1. Specify location to store the office install. This would be a location on the server. The office install then copies all the required files to this location for future installations.

Now launch Orktools to customize the install and create a MST file which will hold all your customizations for zenworks to use to distribute Office.

    1. Start Start -> Programs -> Office Tools -> Office XP Resource Kit -> Custom Installation Wizard
    2. Specify location of MSI, this would be the MSI that the office install create during the administrative install.
    3. Specify Create a new MST file
    4. Continue answering the options for Office customization. These would include whether to install word and other products. I would recommend that the options be "not to install" or "install local".
    5. Make any other tweaks if desired. This step is not required.
    6. Select finish to save the transform
  1. Create Zenworks application object.
    1. Specify MSI STD11.msi file located in the administrative install location.
    2. Specify MST created earlier using ORKtools.