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Andy Konecny, 1st harmonic of Milan and Helga Konecny


Raised a tech with a Dad who started hacking in his teens with ham radio and on through other technologies including building his own home computer in the same time frames as the first Apple Computers were built. While Andy learned some BASIC programing in high-school, soon realized that a career in programing was not for him. As there was no other computer related post secondary programs other than programing, he turned to the Civil Engineering program at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. While not quite completing the program, the engineering disciplines learned at Ryerson would stand Andy well in his future..


Andy has become a wide range trouble shooter in IT systems with a strong skill sets with the many of Micro Focus' (nee Novell's) and other companies products. He has accumulated some of his tips & tools on his personal web space, has contributed to The Ontario GroupWise Admin Users Group, and to CoolSolutions over the years, in addition to sporadic posts to the newsgroups/forums as a Knowledge Partner as time/billable hours permits. Link to forum posts if only the NNTP posts showed correctly
While technical skills are high, presentation skills are still a work in progress as you may be able to tell from some of Andy's content. He firmly believes in the following quote from Michael 'Pinball' Clemens.

"Give more than others think is wise
Challenge yourself beyond what others think is right"


Andy lives in Toronto, Canada and is the Technical Lead of Konecny Consulting Inc. (a Silver Partner) after nearly 19 years as a key part of Ainsworth Inc. having been a Platinum Partner.