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This page is an Episode Plan for Novell Open Audio

Website Details

Show Title

title goes here; just the topics
Example: GroupWise with Ken Muir and Bill Pray

Show Description

keep description between 25 and 50 words
Example: An attentive OpenAudiophile finds a secret message in NOA-002. We answer some emails, send out T-shirts. Engineering Director Ken Muir and Product Manager Bill Pray tell us about Novell GroupWise.

Related Links

  • Fewer links is better
  • Keep calls-to-action at top (surveys, etc.)
  • use bulleted list


File Metatags

See NOA iTunes Metatags for example.


Same as show title above


what is in this show? pare it down from the Show Description above

  • Example: Listener mail from South Africa. Engineering Director Ken Muir & Product Manager Bill Pray update us on Novell GroupWise.

Other Fields

  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: Novell Open Audio
  • Album: Novell Open Audio
  • Composer: Novell
  • Genre: Podcast
  • Album Art: 300x300 NOA logo w/o text


Funny Little Men Behind the Curtain:
put some fun notes about the show here

Rough Script Plan

rough script


  • something to pique interest/instill excitement



Community interaction/Listener Mail