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Hi Marcel.

thanks for these explanations.

I'm not sure how to modify the option 43 to a hex value of the three bytes 0x04, 0x81, 0x07. I need to do so on a per-device basis. In iManager I cannot find how to 1st add that option 43.

When I used DNSDHCP.EXE (from DNSDHCP4.EXE) to add option 43, I can select that option in iManager and *MODIFY* it. I entered 048107 in iManager, as the value of 048107 entered in DNSDHCP.EXE is displayed as "0101048107" in iManager.

Going back to DNSDHCP.EXE, the *modified* option 43 is *NOT* displayed as a defined option any more (?why?)

This option 43 seems to be stored in eDir in the IP assignment in the range object,

Attribute Name: DNIP:Config Options
00000000 2B050101 048107
the final one is the required HEX value. What for are the bytes before "00000000 2B050101"?

Can you help with some further lines to get what's going on here?

Regards, Rudi.