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I have installed Novell Storage Manager on 2 servers. One is the engine server and the other is to be an event server. When I open the Novell Storage Manager management tool, the server doesn't show up in the list of servers to make event servers. It also isn't being seen by the NSM engine server. The server itself shows that it is an event server.

How can I get the management software and the engine server to see it?

Jack W. Barnes, CNE Network Administrator CCSU Office 802-857-7000 Ext. 1039 Cell 802-318-0976 Fax 802-879-8197

Removing Event and Agent Servers

I recently removed a server from my tree which happened to house an NSM Event Server and Agent Server. I de-authorized both servers in the Admin config tab, but they didn't go away and they also continued generating errors on the Engine Status page. I'm not sure if there is a better way to do this, but here's how I fixed the problem:

1) Shut down the engine service (from nsmengine-config).

2) Back up, then edit /var/opt/novell/storagemanager/engine/data/agents.dat. Find the entry for the bad server and make sure to delete everything from the <Agent> tag to the </Agent> tag.

3) Do the same for /var/opt/novell/storagemanager/engine/data/eventmonitors.dat

4) Restart the engine and log back into the Admin app. I ended up having yellow exclamation points on my remaining Agent servers. To fix this, all I had to do was un-authorize and then reauthorize one of the remaining agents. I suspect the event server simply needs to re-touch the agents.dat file.

If anyone has a better method I'd love to hear it.