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I'm trying to setup OES Linux to act as a windows Primary Domain controller and be able to install Windows workstations into eDir. Has anyone got this working? I can not add workstations to the Domain need some help with the config.

Currently I have installed eDirectory and Lunu User Manager. I can create users using iManager and enable them for Samaba login. This works fine. Currently we have NDS for NT working in a production Tree and we are trying to migrate from a NT based Domain to a SAMBA based Domain. What is it going to take to get my systems migrated?

'rug' refuses to activate

Having trouble getting rug/red-carpet to activate your copy of Linux OES server?

If you've done a minimal install, ie: no Novell OES stuff but you _have_ installed red-carpet, rcd, rug then you'll need to create a file.

For some reason the file '/etc/novell-release' doesn't get installed on a 'vanilla' install of Linux OES. To fix the problem, create the file and add the following to its contents:

Novell Open Enterprise Server Linux (i586) VERSION = 9

After saving, restart rcd and you should be up and running.

I moved the iPrint stuff

I moved the original section labelled iPrint Client Supported Browsers under iPrint


SSH netware linux with public keys

I need to use rsync from linux to netware over ssh, i have configured netware 6.5 and OES SP2 Linux with public keys successfully. The problem now is when running ssh; netware seems to send the contents of the system console along with it, which causes rsync to fail because of all the junk dumped from the sys console. This causes rsync to fail because the shell isn't clean?


ssh cn=user,ou=users,o=org@XXX.XXX.XXX.XX true > logssh cat logssh contents of system console would be in this file.......

Anyone else having this problem and know a fix?