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Discussions start here

Regarding: "This document however will mainly concentrate on Server migrations, even though all tuning recommendations are also got for server consolidations." Should the "also got for" be changed to "also good for"? If not, then I don't understand what the phrase means.



Good catch! Fixed. Marcel 09:04, 5 August 2007 (MDT)

Regarding: Preparing destination server. Maybe a comment upon eDir 8.7.x / 8.8.x is making sense? (Using NW6.5.6 vs. NW6.5.7 Overlay CD/DVD for installing the destination server) Regards, Rudi.

Regarding: Backup your NDS. -> Section duplicate - intentionally? Regards, Rudi.

Regarding: Edit configuration files. "Do not add Servers to your autoexec" -> "Do not add Services to your autoexe"? Regards, Rudi.

I undid most of the last 3 changes. This includes undoing the changes of the formatting of the "load monitor !h" line, removing the test edit and removing the claim about needing a fast workstation. In fact, files do not travel through the workstation and as such, the workstation performance has little impact on migration performance. Generally, the biggest limiting factor in migration speed is the performance of the source server. --Marcel 01:06, 16 October 2008 (MDT)

Regarding Trustee Backup/File copy step: Not sure if others have seen this, but on a GroupWise source server, during trustee backup/file copy, TSAFS was set to /EnableGW=true, so it was loading groupwise nlms for the TSA. Trustee backups were taking 1.5 hours with no sign of speeding up (on a 30GB mail PO) , so I disabled tsafs /EnableGW, restarted the process, and it finished in 30 minutes. Assuming my hypothesis is correct, this may help others going forward. ksorensen 4/5/09

Regarding: Server's code page

I always feel a bit unsafe to determine a server's code page:

  • Is the output of the console command "language" appropriate, telling about "Current DOS" code page?
   Current NLM language is (4) ENGLISH.
   Current DOS code page is (850).
  • Are these two lines from startup.ncf the important ones to look at?
  • Or just check the entry (logger screen) "Keyboard support for Germany, code page 850 loaded" when the server is booting?

Or are basically all the same? (looks like, to me)

Regards, Rudi.