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For technical support on GroupWise Mobile Server it is recommended that you visit the support newsgroup rather than leaving comments in the discussion portion of this wiki.

HTC P3600

The HTC P3600 is listed under working devices. We have some trouble installing the client using GW mobile server 2. Does anybody have some suggestions how to solve the problem?

      • Please see the above link for the newsgroups - I only "stumbled" upon your question today because I was editing the wiki - you will get better support in the newsgroup - dzanre

Distinction GMS 1 vs. GMS 2

GMS 2 added many devices previously not (or only partially) supported. I would prefer a more structured overview.

When will the Ipaq 6915 be supported?

Sony Ericsson K800i

Someone got K800i working? Nobody?

Sony Ericsson W850i

Works over SYNCML but have only tested calendar so far. I followed the SYNCML instruction on my GMS server's webpage. Things to watch out for:

  • put the entire server URL in the Server Address
  • don't use usernames and passwords in the App. Settings controls

Nokia 5500


The Nokia 5500 is listed under Almost working devices. Does anyone have a howto for making the device 'almost work' ?




Is it working with palm treo600? I tried without any success.

Work great with my pocket pc 6700.

Nokia 6290

Installation works fine but Inttelisync does not start. Progress bar is shown but it dies with no error message, so there is no hint why?! Any hint welcome

= Nokia 6110 Navigator

  • Working
  • Just using the calender sync. Have not tried other features
  • Symbian S60 3rd Edition

Nokia N95 german version

Tried to install intellisync on N95. With cable the installation stopt when running install. With GPRS installation the install screen dit not apear, only the mails, dates and so on from the account was shown. Any hints or has someone been successfull with installation? Arno H. Aryus

HTC TyTN II / P4550

What about the P4550 running WM6? Does it work seamlessly?

Thanks, ET

I install the client on my AT&T Tilt(HTC TyTn II) just fine. The only issue that I have is that the client will not iniate a data connection. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Jason

I have got the TyTN II working AOK in its UK O2 (XDA_Stellar) Guise using the linux beta

Karim C Kronfli

Q9c (with Sprint)

I've experienced problems with intellisync (v 7.0) on my Q9c. Specifically it severely drains battery life during and causes my task manager to hang. I noticed the Q9h and Q9 Global are listed as devices that should be working / supported. Can anyone comment on the Q9c?

sony ericsson 750i

I have been syncing my 750i with the company groupwise for a year. now it does not work. the company has upgraded their version of intellisync. The groupwise support people do not provide any support for intellisync (since it is free?) and ericsson do not support the sync to groupwise (even though it did work!). When I run the sync from the mobile it starts up and then gets a server response error.

the 750i uses syncml. i am only trying to sync the calendar. the url for the intellisync server has changed slightly. it used to be now the http is https.

Any suggestions?

Motorola Q9C from Sprint

Has anyone tried the Q9C from Sprint/Nextel with GM2? Does anyone know if it works/doesn't work?


We have 30+ Q9C phones. It is working, but we have a few that need to be reloaded from time to time.

Sprint Instinct and GMS?

Anyone know wether or not the new Instinct will work with GMS?


Apple Iphone

Has anyone used an apple iPhone with Mobile server or is this a work in progress. I now have serval request for operability with GroupWise.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Someone got Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 working? or even tested it?

I want to buy one but I am firt going to get it tested before I try.

HTC G1 (Android, Google Phone)

Someone got the HTC G1 working? I assume J2ME might be an option, but looks like Android requires JAVA app written using the Android JAVA API, not sure of this?

Spint Palm Pre

What about the new WebOS being offered by Palm on the new Palm Pre just released?


Just installed on an LG-CT810 (Incite) with no problems.

HTC Hero

Someone got a HTC Hero (Android) working? Thank you for your quik answers.