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Need technical support for your Novell GroupWise installation? Here are a couple of links to get you started:

Hi, In gwclient 6.5SP4 during printing Notes List GW insert blank line above and under every notes items. Its take many paper for long notes list. How can we remove blank line? Novell Support forum and editing gwca3007.frm dont help.


I'm having the same problem. This is a fairly major deal for me as well.

Did you try to deselct the Message option on the content tab?


If you haven't already, it would be a great idea to submit a defect for this at:

These go directly to the tech support engineers to test and duplicate. That being said it would be best to test on the latest support pack prior to submitting one.

Schedule Re-occuring mail

This is a hot topic in our organization. We have several times come to a point where it would be very time saving if we could schedule a re-occuring email message.

For example: A Manager of a Department may want to send out a reminder every other Thursday morning to remind everyone they need to submitt a report by 3:00pm on Friday. While yes it should be something they remember on their own... we would still like to send that reminder message.

Is there a way that this can be done in 6.5.2?

If not, this should be a product feature for an upcoming release!

Thanks, Dana L. Houseman Godwin Heights Public Schools

toshiba pocket pc won't sync with groupwise

I can't get my toshiba pocket pc e400 to sync with groupwise. Error message pops up on the pocket pc that says, "GroupWise PDA Connect failed to install on your device because the installation file is not intended for this version of the device." I can't find any patch to allow to upgrade and hadn't planned to upgrade to a new pda yet. Help?

Reoccuring Email Message

There is no way within the client to send a reoccuring email message. You can do this with a command line sending program and a scheduler if needed, however for your particular need it sounds like you should use reminder notes. These can be set as reoccuring and appear to describe your need.