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Great article, thanx!

I am a little concerned that you say to install the secure gateway first ... why? I have a site that has been live with just the gms, but the plan always was to move to secure gateway. well, they finally have the hardware in the hosting center DMZ ...

so, I should be able to just install it, and then configure GMS with its information, correct?


GMW with Trusted App needs NWclient?

Quick clarification on the trusted app setup for GMS. The wiki indicates that the GMS must have the NW client, just curious as to why. Is this a one time, for setup purposes only, or is there some other NCP call that is being made consistently. Thanks!

Great article.

The trusted app need to communicate with the domain for it to be trusted. I believe that this is a one time call but will test it by removing the NW client and see what breaks. I am assuming that it should continue to work because all of the work is being done over SOAP to the PostOffice Agent.

Can anyone conjecture how the webpim can fail yet all other functions of GroupWise Mobile works? I have tried to delete the genweb directory with no success, and doing a complete uninstall base on the TID fails to fix this problem after a reinstall. I was hoping to better understand what is happening so that I can fix it in my test environment.