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Having problems with evolution 2.2.2 on Debian (x86) When I try to open it with no command arguments, it starts to paint the window and then puts up a popup "The Application "evolution-2.2" has quit unexpectedly" and allows me to restart or exit.

If I start from the command line, it puts out the following to STDERR/STDOUT before exiting:

hbarta@redwood:~$ evolution-2.2
es menu class init
adding hook target 'source'

If I start with the --component=mail option, I can read email and view contacts with no difficulty. If I try to switch to calendar or tasks, I get the abnormal exit.

I have daily backups for a month and monthly backups for several months that include my ~/.evolution directory. I've gome back several months and replaced the entire ~/.evolution tree and the problem still exists.

It appears that evolution may be using files elsewhere that are causing this problem. How can I tell what file is causing this problem so I can solve it.

Any other strategies for a solution would also be appreciated.

thanks, hank