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I am trying to setup a NW5.1 cluster. I have installed NCS 1.01 and SP4. I am able to install the cluster software and the 2 nodes are up and running. How can I share a volumes and enabled cluster in it? Could you please help me in this?

Regards Dileep

Once Cluster Services has been installed you have the ability to create cluster enabled volumes. If the volumes you are trying to cluster were created before the NCS was installed they won't have the correct cluster attributes. If you can free up some space and create a new volume and then you can enable it for clustering


THere are also a few articles on using iSCSI to create a shared volume. I found two articles, one explaining how to create a shared volume with two servers, while the other explained how to created a shared volume with three servers. The later being a lot easier. 2 Node iSCSI cluster

HTH Jared

Great wiki - thanks!

Hey, this is very helpful. I the iscsi tuning looks great - I'll try it.