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I am running NOESN 6.5.6 with eDir fully patched and BM 3.9 + SP1RC2.

I have not taken NOESN to 6.5.7, because when I do, it blows up my LDAP configuration, and iManager (2.7?) will not run. But under the above conditions, iManager 2.6 runs fine.

The problem is, I carefully, step-by-step in accordance with Novell documentation, using iManager 2.6, create the VPN server and all things thereunto anywise appurtaining (sorry about the lawyerspeak; once you is one you is never not one). I am trying to do pre-shared key.

Once everything is in place, under iManager 2.6, I "click" to create the VPN server, but all I continually get is the following error:

Could not create SCM for server [BIGBAD.BEAR].

I can find little if any documentation ANYWHERE on the Web explaining what this is and how to fix it per my above configuration. There is especially none I can find at

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get my VPN server created. (I have tried VPNCFG.NLM and created a VPN server that way. Then I have gone back in to iManager 2.6, and have tried to finish the work there. But it still does not take. I still get that damned error:

Could not create SCM for server [BIGBAD.BEAR].

Any help at all will be appreciated.

Tom Simpson, CNE, MCNE, MCSE, MCIW Omaha, NE 402.896.1157