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Need technical support for your Novell GroupWise installation? Here are a couple of links to get you started:

Hi, My Name is John Newton. I am the Systems Administrator at a Law Firm in Barbados. I have just Migrated my GroupWise System to a new Server and also upgrqaded the GroupWise 6 System to GroupWise 7. The System includes on Post Office, Domain and three libraries containing documents that are stored outside the Post Office in a separate storage area. The problem I am having is at the client. When I a user prints an email from the sent item and the email is carbon copied to more than recipients, only three recipients show up on the printed page. There are like dots representing the other recipients. I installed 6.5 client on a computer printed a sent item cc to more 5 people and all of the recipients were displayed on the page. Is there a setting in the GroupWise 7 Client for solving this problem or is this just a bug in the product. If it is a bug who at Novell should I addresses this issue.


John Newton MCSA Systems Administrator Clarke Gittens & Farmer 'Parker House' Wildey Business Park Wildey Road St Michael Tel (246) 436-6287 Fax (246)4369812 or 4369926 cell (246)2338798 email:


Try this, this is a tech note, but I could not find the note/number. Printing the entire distribution list can be turned on in GroupWise 7.x by adding a DWORD value to the following registry key:


The DWORD value needs to be defined as:

name = Printing Truncation data value = 0

1. Click Start and then click Run ...

2. Type "regedit" in the open field and click OK.

3. Traverse the tree in the left hand pane to get to the following path (registry key): HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Novell\GroupWise\Client\Setup

You should now see the Setup folder highlighted, and there should be several values in the right hand pane.

4. Click Edit in the menu and go to new -> DWORD value.

This will create a new value for you in the right-hand pane.

5. Name it Printing Truncation.

The default value data is 0 so you do not need to change it. Now you should be able to print the entire distribution list.

Hi All, I recently applied SP5 to my NW65 machine which is running Groupwise. Since then, My backups are failing (GWTSA)with the following error: 'Tue Mar 21 14:02:12 2006 Process 691

  Msg #PC7704I (SMS) Performing an SMS logon
  NW65-A.GroupWise System

Tue Mar 21 14:02:12 2006 Process 691

  Msg #PC7702E (SMS) Error connecting to target service
       FIX:  See additional messages.

Is GWTSA still supported for this level. I tried to find this information on Novell's web site, but could not. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks Jim

HELLO. I just installed Groupwise 7's Internet Agent. When Trying to configure, at step 6, the LDAP login fails. ANyidea what I could be doing wrong?

HELLO. I just installed Groupwise 7's Internet Agent. When Trying to configure, at step 6, the LDAP login fails. ANyidea what I could be doing wrong?

Deleted Mail

Howdy. My name is Sal, I'm with Boise Sate University. We have user whose deleted emails are not showing up in his GW Trash and we can fnd them anywhere else, including his Windows Trash Recycle Bin (where you wouldn't expect to find them.)

Has anyone experienced this problem and if so what did you do?

Thanks, Sal

Folder not shared

I am able to create a shared folder in my cabinet. I have invited several other users so that they may have Read,Add rights. However, when the other users try to open the invitation, an error occurs; "The folder was not specifically shared with you. You cannot open and accept this shared folder notification."

This problem only occurs when a shared folder is created from CERTAIN GW accounts. Do you have any recommendations?

I have searched the KB but cannot find anything that relates to this issue.

Thank you, Julia Thompson

Intellisync (Nokia) Mobile Server 2 (mobile Gateway not responding)

mobile Gateway not responding

Error on Login Page, when login to the Mobile Server as aUser. Mobile Gateway not Responding

Our Problem was the Windows Hostname of the Server it was too long, but this error comes only with the 2nd Version of the intellisync Mobile Server. We shorten the name from 18 to 12 Characters an make the the Update, It works.

Recently I had encountered a severe problem with my Novell Groupwise account at Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA. I was working with some ongoing misconduct and I realized that few email specific to the ongoing issues were allegedly deleted. I can see that they are present in my Inbox Folder but if I open those emails, all the text and attached files are not there. Upon my complain to the IT administrater, they concluded a kind of technical problem. Please let me know if you can: How this could happen?? Incase if you can not answer, I shall be grateful if you can forward my query to a relevent person. Many thanks and best regards. Sunil

Help adding Title to Name.

I have an employee who would like for me to add their title to the name area when they send out an email. They want people who receive emails from them to see Joe Cool, CEO-Data Comm. Is this possible and where would I go to accomplish this? I have tried several ideas of adding their title to the properties/name area in Console One, but nothing has worked. Any ideas?

Figured it out...The changes had to be made to the properties under the GroupWise Viewing Area in Console One. Everything works just like they want.