Setting Up Password Based Remote Control

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When I first set up ZENworks (version 4) I was just focused on remote control through eDirectory. I knew that the password based remote control existed, but I didn't know what it took to implement and figured that the normal method would be fine. Well, I found that about 5% of the time (rough guess), our Help Desk was having the users install VNC. Why? Usually it was because the workstation was new and just needed rebooted. Regardless of why, it happened. So finally I investigated the password based remote control and had to kick myself because it was so easy to set up I should've done it at the start.

1. Edit your normal remote control policy (both user and workstation) and check the box to Enable Password Based Remote Control

2. Once the policy has refreshed, the user can set the password by right clicking on the Remote Mangement icon in the system tray and choosing security and then inputing the new password.

Note: I would like to implement a standard password that we could push out via ZEN, but at least it's pretty easy to walk a user through setting this up.

Once this is done, you may remote control the computer via ConsoleOne by doing the following:

1. Load ConsoleOne (duh)

2. On the menu, click on Tools->ZENWorks Remote Management->Remote Console->Windows

3. For agent, input the IP address of the workstation

4. I think the rest is self explanatory

Please note that there are several other simpler methods to remote control a workstatation. Check out ZENworks Cool Solutions for more info.