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Revision History for SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8 Release Notes

SUSE OpenStack Cloud uses the agile development methodology to continuously provide fixes and new function. The full release notes for the product can be browsed online and are continuously updated with the SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8 maintenance updates. For convenience, this page provides the revision history to highlight fixed and new function from maintenance updates.

Please note that it does note list all maintenance updates. To see the full list of SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8 maintenance updates, go to the patch finder or the update advisories.

December 4, 2018

  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 to SUSE OpenStack Cloud Crowbar 8 is now available

November 7, 2018

  • Manila support for CLM got added

July 4, 2018

June 27, 2018

June 1, 2018

  • Now Allowable to install SMT server on the deployer for CLM
  • Misc fixes
  • Full details

May 22, 2018

  • Octavia bugs fixed; No manual process required to upload image for CLM
  • Misc fixes
  • Full details