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Notification Messages feature

A new UI component to display notifications has been added and back-ported to a maintenance update of SUSE Manager 3.1.

The aim of a notification message is to inform the user about events that happened on the SUSE Manager server.

To deliver this information in real-time a new UI widget has been added to the top navigation bar: a bell icon with a counter bubble of how many unread notification messages the user has. Thus the list of notification messages is available from every page.

Notification messages are listed in a new page at "Home > Notification Messages".

Initially, this will show three types of messages:

  • Salt bootstrap failures
  • Channel reposync successes
  • Channel reposync failures

Each message can be flagged as 'read' or 'unread' or deleted completely. For each failure a customized button (in line with the message) is available to react to that failure.

The set of message types will be extended to cover more information in later releases.