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Minion Bootstrapping UI

The new bootstrapping UI can be used to register systems from the UI by giving only the hostname of a machine to be managed and SSH credentials to access that machine. SUSE Manager will take care of installing the needed software agent (salt-minion) from its own (bootstrap) repositories, as well as configuring and enabling it.

Using this procedure it is not necessary to manually accept that new minion's key because we actually deploy a pre-accepted key to the system that is going to be registered. In case a username is provided that is different from "root" sudo will be used on the client to configure it, which naturally requires that sudo has been setup correctly.


After success:

  • NOTE: For SLES SP2 Clients if you are receiving Curl SSL errors please try running the following as this is sometimes required before minion bootstrap on SLES SP2 Clients
rpm -Uvh http://suma.mydomain.mytld/pub/rhn-org-trusted-ssl-cert-1.0-1.noarch.rpm