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Unable to get local issuer certificate

Customer reported that after registering and updating the SLES12 SPx server, he could not use zypper anymore. E.g. when running a: zypper ref The following error occurred:

   # zypper ref
   Refreshing service 'spacewalk'.
   Download (curl) error for '':
   Error code: Unrecognized error
   Error message: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

After some research we found the problem:

The customer is using an "old" bootstrap script to register the SLES12 SPx server. For this customer the root cause was a not-updated SUSE Manager Proxy.

The problem with older bootstrap scripts is that it creates a link of the certificate in /etc/ssl/certs/ and not in /etc/pki/trust/anchors followed by /usr/sbin/update-ca-certificates.