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Internally a pillar is used that stores the group ids to which a minion is assigned. So yes, you have to know the ID of the group. One way to find that out is to go to the group details page and look at the URL. It should be something like https://<serveR>/rhn/groups/

If you want to apply all states assigned to a certain group that has id GID:

  salt -I 'group_ids:GID' state.apply custom.group_GID

If you want to apply an arbitrary state (not necessarily assigned to that group):

  salt -I 'group_ids:GID' state.apply <state>

Note: Custom states created via the SuMa GUI are stored by organization. Let's say you have a state 'motd' under org 1 and you want to apply it to group 2130:

  salt -I 'group_ids:2130' state.apply manager_org_1.motd

Finally, applying the highstate to all minions in a group:

  salt -I 'group_ids:GID' state.apply

In the future we look to replace the ID with System Group label or name.