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Migration from RHN Satellite

Put a consultant on it, to help with the migration.

Migration _can_ be tricky, it all depends ...

Effort : tricky or not ?

Should work out-of-the-box for Satellite 5.3 and 5.4.

Normally, it really should work out of the box. But the migration is not really very error-tolerant. If something goes wrong, you need to start over from scratch; no realistic chance to recover.

Biggest problem IMHO is that you might run out of disk space on the old Satellite server, since it needs to hold a complete database dump additionally to the existing database. Maybe we should add a check to the migration script that will abort in such a case. But then the problem is calculating the additional space needed...

The problem is, that also satellite changes the DB schema and we don't know how. So I would expect, that a migration of a current satellite server will not work anymore out-of-the box. I expect, that some changes and tricks need to be done.

Time : how many hours, days ?

This depends on the quality of the database setup. Satellite migration is basically a database dump & restore.

And a very big rsync to copy the rpm packages, which alone might take hours or days (depends on the network between satellite and suse manager and the amount of rpms synced on the satellite).