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SUSE Products page

The SUSE Products page has changed his look & feel.

What is new

  • pagination to see just a slice of the full product list
  • new filter to search by the product description (the filter does the search only on the base products)
  • new filter by architecture, filled by all the options gathered from the list of available products a user has
  • a summarized list of the selected products
  • info about the single channel state (synced, failed, in progress, not synced)
  • SLE15 modules hierarchy handled via the with recommmended button: by default the button is enabled, and if the base product is selected, all the nested modules with the recommended flag are automatically selected. If the button is disabled, only the base product will be selected. The button also represents the consistency of the selected products set: if the button is disabled, but the user selects all the recommended modules for a certain base product, it will automatically be enabled because its state is reflected by the selection set.

What is changed

  • the SCC catalog synchronization refresh is not a popup anymore but it's always visible and interactive. When the synchronization is running, the product page is still available. The user can still browse the product list, but adding and resynchronizing products is disabled during SCC catalog refresh.
  • representation of the extensions: base and extensions product are now presented as an indented tree
  • non-base products (extensions and modules) cannot be added until the base product is added or at least selected to be mirrored
  • a single button to add just one product has been removed. The only way to add a product is to select it via checkbox and click the global green button Add Products

Example Screenshots