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mgr-sync is the new tool replacing mgr-ncc-sync. This tool can only be used, if SUSE Manager is connected to SCC.

mgr-sync has a new command structure using sub commands similar to git or osc.

 mgr-sync enable-scc
 mgr-sync list channels|product|credentials
 mgr-sync add channels|product|credentials
 mgr-sync delete credentials
 mgr-sync refresh [--refresh-channels] [--from-mirror MIRROR]

Migrate from Novell Customer Center to SUSE Customer Center :

 $> mgr-sync enable-scc

List Channels:

 $> mgr-sync list channels

Add a Channel:

 $> mgr-sync add channel <label>

List Products:

 $> mgr-sync list products

Add a Products:

 $> mgr-sync add product

Refresh the data:

 $> mgr-sync refresh

Refresh the data and schedule reposync of all installed vendor channels:

 $> mgr-sync refresh --refresh-channels

mgr-sync now requires an username/password from a "SUSE Manager administrator". Most of the functions are available as public API now.

List SCC credentials:

 $> mgr-sync list credentials

Add a new SCC credential:

 $> mgr-sync add credentials

To add a primary SCC credential:

 $> mgr-sync add credentials --primary

There can be only one primary credential. This is the username/password used first when retrieving the list of available channels and packages.

Delete a SCC credential:

 $> mgr-sync delete credentials