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Unattended installation of SUSE Manager Server itself

yast2 susemanager_setup collects data and writes it to


Then it calls

 /usr/lib/susemanager/bin/ -s [ -L /path/to/logfile ]

This script does everything needed for a full setup

  • create and activate swap (if not there already)
  • configure mail
  • configure local Oracle database
  • create /root/spacewalk-answers

and calls

/usr/bin/spacewalk-setup --ncc --answer-file=/root/spacewalk-answers
  • finally it writes some settings to rhn.conf and the database

There's no specific description for the spacewalk-answers file. Some information can be gained from here

For everything else - read the source

Unattended installation of SUSE Manager Proxy

Configuration of SUSE Manager Proxy works similarly (collection of data, writing answer file, running the configuration script with the answer file)

$> --help
usage: [options]
           Indicates the location of an answer file to be use for answering
           questions asked during the installation process. See man page for
           for an example and documentation.

The answer file of an installed proxy is available at