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NOTE: Novell will not provide support for any additional software that you add to your installation.

Packages built for SLED10

Note: to update all the packages within yast simply view all software by going to "Package Groups", then selecting All (at the bottom of the list), finally right click on one of the packages, select "All in this list", then "Update if newer version is available".

Banshee Project

The Banshee Project has a repository for SLED10 users at:

Note that this is "officially" a Suse 10.1 Repository, but it seems to work well for SLED10, except for the fact that it does not include the Helix Engine, so if you haven't added/updated MP3 support for gstreamer don't use it :-)

To use it, simply add that as an http installation source within Yast to update the Banshee Player.

Mozilla Applications

You can find updated version of Mozilla applications from:

These include Firefox, Sundbird, Thunderbird and Seamonkey.

You can find updated packages for (including Novell's additions) at:

You can either add that through yast, or add it as a channel in the "Zen Installer" program (although I do prefer Yast).

openSUSE Build Service

The openSUSE Build Service has quite a few packages available specifically for SLED10. If you find any interesting software available on the build service, please post a direct link below

If you find any interesting software available on the build service, please post a direct link below.


Mike Petersen has quite a few RPMs available for SLED10 (32-bit only). Notably these include unofficial codecs that can't be distributed "officially" by Novell such as for wmv playback

openSUSE 10.1 Packages

Most packages built for openSUSE 10.1 will also work with SLED10. Please note that this is not an optimal solution and you may run into what is called "Dependency Hell", where two packages reference different versions of another package that cannot be installed at the same time. Use these as a last resort.