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3rd Party Applications that Work with Outlook and GroupWise 7

Do you use a 3rd party application that "works" with Outlook, but not GroupWise? With GroupWise 7 you can use Outlook as a client for GW7 servers. It would be great if the community could begin building a list of applications that work or don't work here. However, if you have a 3rd party application that does NOT work, please make sure to post a message in the GroupWise Support Forums to ensure that this information gets to the proper folks at Novell.

I'd suggest this format:

Product_Name: _______________

  • Version: product version goes here
  • Status: (Select one) Works, Works Somewhat, Doesn't Work
  • Comments: Briefly describe what doesn't work or what does

For technical support on the Outlook Connector, we recommend that you go to the GroupWise 7.x Client Support Forum rather than leaving support questions in the discussion page of this Wiki.

Product_Name: Google Desktop

  • Version: 20051111-en
  • Status: Doesn't Work
  • Comments: Can't use google desktop to search emails in groupwise.

    • This is a good thing - messages are encrypted for security **.

true,but could be done via objectAPI. Having said that, I think point of this wiki is to document if it works with OutLook Connector. Google Desktop directly uses the PST apis to read PSTS. GW isn't a PST so it aint gonna happen soon IMO --Mikebell90 01:46, 23 October 2006 (MDT)

Product_Name: Stellent ECM

  • Version: N/A
  • Status: Doesn't Work
  • Comments: Does not integrate Document management folders inside Groupwise like in Microsoft Outlook

Product_Name: WebEx

  • Version: Meeting Manager 7.0.12
  • Status: Doesn't Work
  • Comments: Can't schedule, start, and join online meetings from within Groupwise.

Product_Name: Goldmine CRM

  • Version: 6.7
  • Status: Doesn't Work with Goldmine's Outlook sync
  • Comments: Goldmine can't sync sent items as they are NGW Items

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